tabula rossa.

it’s latin for “blank slate.”
it’s a cleanly wiped chalkboard or a black computer screen after someone hits ctrl/alt/delete.
i think it’s also what happens if, say, for instance, you temporarily quit your former blog in order to learn how to do an office job, and then, when you neglect to keep the account updated, said blog is deleted from the big commercial paid-per-month server. entirely, as in, forever — all of my writing contents in that space is now lost.

yes, one of my really old blogs is still orbiting out on the web.  some of my old material can be saved.  but anything over the last couple of years is gone.  which means,  i can’t pick up where i left off.
and maybe that’s a good thing.

i am starting over. quietly. simply. free of charge.

and frankly, my lost ‘commercial’ blog feels like a metaphor for so many things at this juncture in my life.

it’s time to step off mid-point into the next half.

start new.
embrace true. reject false.

this is my spare blank slate of simple sentences.

tabula rossa.

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