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“The true story of one woman’s struggles and battle with darkness–from abuse and rape, to addiction, prostitution, and death–and her soul’s awakening to light and meaning found in the One who gives lif

Katie’s path is an important part of my life.   God wove her into my journey many years ago when she was a vibrant and athletic high schooler.  In order to prep our house for sale, I hired Katie to paint our tired old lath and plaster walls.  One morning she was perched precariously, painting a high wall above the back stairs.  In a grocery bag rush, I made a hasty entry through the back door and soundly crashed into her ladder.  I nearly sent her sprawling down the stairs into the basement (it was only funny after our adrenalin levels settled down). Later, while standing on a safer ladder in my dining room, Katie handed me a small glimpse into her darkest secrets.  She told me one part of her deepest pain.  And at that moment, when I wasn’t looking, God sewed her into my heart.

We moved to Colorado a couple months after the ladder conversation and I lost contact with my wounded and artistic friend.

Years later, her journey curved and twisted back into mine.  Next time I heard about Katie, she was in crisis.  In a sense, pain had pushed through Katie’s back door and sent her into a spiraling and destructive freefall. Through a wild set of circumstances, (a long story for another time, maybe) I became a sort of long-distance advocate for Katie.  Turns out, God had sewn her into my heart for a purpose.   And now, even though she is miles away and we rarely speak, she has become a key part of my own story of recovery and healing.

Neither of us are afraid of the dark anymore.  And that is honestly the mighty work of a saving God.

But I’m just one tiny piece of sand in this ocean of a story.  Katie has impacted so many people, in far-reaching ways. And I know she’ll continue to do so …  So I’m sharing her story with you.

Watch the video. It’ll be six minutes well spent.

Be inspired.

[ Click the picture to watch Katie’s story. ]