Baby’s Breath

Resurrection Thoughts | From my Garden …

The baby’s breath has gone brittle with the cold.

Summer upon summer,  the airy pink shrub has flowered in my hostile mountain garden.  It requires nothing of me and brings faithful perennial beauty.  In winter, dormant roots hide.  Skeletal brown stems tempt me to believe the plant is dead.

But, over time, so many seasons of proof have coagulated into a long-learned trust.

Beauty will return.

New Life can breathe again, even in the deadest of spaces.



Better Than I

Ok. Yes. This song is embedded in a rather dated animated children’s movie.
Ok. Yes. It may be melodramatic and has a key change in the middle.

But, sometimes truth emerges from surprising places.

So, hit PLAY.  I want you to listen to this song loudly, with headphones if possible, and hear it.  In Joseph’s story, hear that God’s love is deep enough to bring freedom … even in a prison cell.  In spite of your desperate efforts, failed plans, or hopelessness, hear God’s unconditional love right where you are, no matter your circumstance, no matter what’s in your heart.  He is stronger and wiser than your pride, shame, false gods, and broken cisterns. At the bottom, at the point where you have finally given up, He is the only one who is able to save you and lead you out.

He knows better.  I believe this.

May you find something profoundly and eternally hopeful in the middle of a cartoon.


You Know Better Than I” sung by David Campbell, in “Joseph, King of Dreams

What Happened?

So here’s the deal.

I’ve been on a wild ride the last two months — a big leaping jumping what-is-going-on?!  kind of ride.  Really.  My life looks entirely different today than it did in November.

“What happened?” you ask.  I pause and say, “Ummm,” (as a momentary stall because I don’t know where to begin). Then I spill the list in no particular order:

” … renovation in my marriage,  renovation in my house,  a word from God while driving down Ute Pass, survival of a serious highway car crash (separate incident), and a completely unexpected new job which leaves me astounded most of the time.”


Yep.  That about sums it up.  That’s altogether ‘what’ in a nutshell.

And so … in the meantime, this little blog has landed on the very bottom of my To Do list with other unkept intentions.  What I intended to be a simple means of exercising my creative life had to take a back seat to the gravity of everything else.  And I don’t know where to go from here with this little excercise of forming sentences. That’s the confusing truth.

I WILL be writing. Somewhere. That’s a sure thing.  We’ll just have to see how/where that pans out  …  I’ll keep you posted.

Sorry for being fickle.  It was just that kind of year.

I sure do appreciate it when you stop by, though.  That hasn’t changed.

Happy New Year, friend.

Stay tuned,


P.S.  Apologies to those of you who send me awesome ideas for “Joy” in Media Collaboration …  I had to let that project go over the holidays.  ‘A good idea for another time.


My husband, Steve, showed me this cool ball pendulum and pointed out a pattern.

Watch for the alternating waves of order and chaos, then order again.

I think this is a smaller image of the larger way life plays out.  It’s hard to make sense of circumstances some days or seasons, and other times feel like a nicely patterned-groove.  And the only best explanation for it all is a larger force at work.



This picture is captivating because of the color, the connection of houses, the two inviting little boats, the pathways to walk, and the color.

Did I mention the color?


Pathways, 12″x24″ oil on canvas
(Image linked to Flickr)

Fields of Gold

I used to think about this autumn love song with springtime feeling of hope for my life with my husband.  But, after entering a new and sacred journey with my recently widowed mother-in-law, I hear these words with a different ache.

The images of golden fields before harvest remind me of the beauty I see in older couples’ ripened years and full seasons of memories.

“But I swear in the days still left, we’ll lie in fields of gold…”


Fields of Gold” sung by Eva Cassidy

Lyrics, by Sting

Tea Bag Talking

I’ve taken to reading my dangling tea tags to colleagues at work as I pour hot water into my cup.  “Today’s Thought … ,” I announce, and read the paper yogi wisdom to anyone standing near. Sometimes it rings true like an encouraging friend or a fortune cookie.  It’s nice. But I have to be honest.  Now and then I want to argue with my tea bags.

More on that later …


I got wrapped up in the busy-ness of work today and kept forgetting my legs looked like the wicked witch in Oz.  Again and again, the unexpected stripey Halloween tights under my regular work clothes made people chuckle.

Each time, I stopped and puzzled over the grins, then remembered. “Oh, yes, my LEGS… “

My forgetfulness turned the whole day into a stream of surprising smiles.