Where the Streets Have No Name

A Homage to the Brave

Sometimes the bravest people are the quietest, the ones who fight private wars no one sees.

Several years ago, one song became my repeat soundtrack.  The  original video for that song, “Where the Streets have No Name,” was filmed up on a city rooftop, with a very young U2 (say, Edge with a ponytail).  Interestingly, during the band’s attempt to record that live performance, local authorities and police showed up and threatened to shut down the project. The bold open-air idea almost didn’t happen.  Which, is usually true when you choose to attempt a new way, to step out on a new path.


But the guys carried on, and sang their lyric commitment to follow uncharted paths. They belted pulsing sound out over neighborhood streets.  Music spilled down to the sidewalks.  Frustrated law enforcement worked to stop the process.  Gathering crowds danced. And the drama only made the scene more true to life.  Chances are good, when your life sings loudly of freedom, the closest bystanders are either going to protest … or be inspired.

I have been inspired lately.

This is my homage to the brave, to my friends who are pursuing daunting new paths.  I watch with tears, reverance, and prayer as they are delivered — out of addiction, out of bondage to past wounds, out of tangled webs of shame and lies.

This (more recent) video is my motion to dance with those of you who are choosing to step out of known bondage, into unknown ways of Holy freedom; one step at a time, in spite of resistance, on streets with no names.

With you, and for you, I dance.

Don’t give up.

Tear down the walls. Reach for the flame.


2 Comments on “Where the Streets Have No Name”

  1. Kelly
    March 13, 2012 at 12:26 am #

    SOOO Beautifully shared !!!!!!!!

  2. Carol
    March 17, 2012 at 2:46 pm #

    I’m just now sitting down long enough to catch my breath and watch this. It was so amazingly powerful…my hands were sweating as I was watching it. I could literally feel the battle between doing what you know you have to do because you can’t not do it, and as you said the “bystanders” who protest.

    Thank you for posting that video, for your beautiful words, for your friendship.

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